Garment Printing

Advanced Printing Services have been garment printing and t-shirt printing in Swindon, Wiltshire since 1987.

Welcome to Advanced Printing Services, in Swindon, Wiltshire. We were established in 1987 and offer a range of printing services, including garment printing, such as t-shirts, Hi-Viz  jackets and any other clothes you want printing for your organisation or event.

We serve businesses and leisure organisations using specialist knowledge to provide standard and bespoke print and graphics. Our clients vary from Internationally known companies to small businesses, charities and clubs.
We like a challenge and are happy for you to call us to discuss unusual requirements.  We usually come up with an answer to suit all budgets and specifications. Call one of our team on 01793 488664 or e-mail us for more information on how we can help your business.

As well as garment and t-shirt printing, we also provide a range of other printing services. Please visit our main website to see the full range of what we can do.


​Garment Printing

Various situations require printing on clothes and we accommodate most applications. We discuss budget and quality to suit. Giveaway promotional custom printed t-shirts will be a different quality to work wear.

​​Branding – for a professional image and a consistency in appearance

Personnel wearing a “uniform” with a logo create a smart impression.  A potential customer seeing a branded t-shirt for instance will also see a business that takes care in their appearance AND their work. We often print work wear in conjunction with signwriting customer's vehicles (see our vehicle website) which gives an all over consistent image.

 A logo on your work wear is a walking advert and an ideal way to promote your business.

Printed t-shirts from:

£3 each + VAT for 100 

£3.50 each + VAT for 50


We print a range of clothes, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and Hi-Viz jackets. Having the inks and equipment means we can print on other fabric items such as bags.

Click on the button below to see the range. If it is an unusual requirement we are happy to have a chat and see what we can work out with you.

​​​We use more than one method for garment printing, so can accommodate different quantities and requirements. We are always happy to discuss methods and designs without committing you to anything.

Health and Safety

The obvious application is High Visibilty.  We print a variety of garments such as tabards for horse riders and coats for car park or race marshals. Just about anything comes in Hi-Viz nowadays including t-shirts. These items are available in other colours as well as the well recognised yellow.

Clubs, Schools and teams

Printed t-shirts, sportswear and other clothes are popular for “badging” your team members, volunteers or children. Sizes start from 2-3 yrs. Warmer outdoor items are also popular such as sweatshirts.


From printed t-shirts for leaving do’s to running vests for races, we can produce garments for all occasions. We have produced shirts for large corporate sports events and silly ones for small groups on sponsored events. The numbers aren't a problem. See our Printing section for how we do it.

About us


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We can source the garments for printing from one of our suppliers or you can send us your own clothing and we can print it. For further details of the clothes we can source from Kustom Kit, one of our suppliers, click on the button below.