As the name suggests this method applies an image by fusing a substrate to the garment using heat and pressure. See the lower picture.

Heat pressed digital media is a method where an image is digitally printed on to a separate media and applied to the garment with a heat press. Using this method high quality, high resolution colour images are produced.

It is far more advanced than the iron-on material available in the high street. New products are being developed by our suppliers and we are continually assessing them to improve our products.

Plotted heat press vinyl is letters and shapes cut out of a coloured substrate and heat pressed onto the garment. This product does not have ink applied to it as the vinyl comes pre-coloured. A good example is the numbers on the back of football shirts.

Screen Printing

Without a doubt the most durable method is screen printing which fuses ink with the fabric and is heat cured. It is bold, colourfast and permanent. A well designed screen printed t-shirt is always fresh looking. 

To create screen printed t-shirts or clothes, the first stage is to make a screen or multiple screens, if more than one colour is required for the design. The garment is placed on the carousel (so called because both screens and garments can be rotated to print) and the screens placed in the top frames. The operator swings the screen over the garment and ink is applied. This stage is shown in the top picture. The next screen is then swung into position, if another colour is required, and the procedure repeated until all of the colours have been applied. The garment then passes through a heat tunnel curing the ink. This set-up enables us to produce large numbers of garments as the carousel carries 6 t-shirts at once and 6 screens if needed.

Heat Press

Types of Printing


We use two different techniques for garment printing - screen printing and heat press. These have their own advantages and disadvantages, so more details of the different techniques are described below. We are always happy to discuss your requirements, so give us a call on 01793 488664  or e-mail us and we will advise you of the best option for your organisation and budget.

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